Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hello Internet,

I will try to make this introduction simple and short (well that didn't work, I got carried away a little). A question and answer format seems like a good idea for this purpose :]

What can you tell us about you, Vav?
My real name is Vasily and a friend's baby brother used to call me Vava, so I adopted various versions of this funny nickname for my e-self on various websites and forums, hence Vav. I'm a 20 year old Russian male living in Canada and I am in my first year of engineering at McGill university. My hobbies include video games (no sh*t), playing around with computer's insides and playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends (if I were also a Star Trek fan I'd really be 100% geek). I listen to electronic music of all kinds, old school gangsta rap and some alternative rock.

What is this blog for?
I will review PC (and occasionally NDS) games that I recently played in a concise, straightforward manner and give some of my personal opinions on them. I will usually play games that pick my interest but I am open to requests if someone asks politely :p

How did you get inspired to do this?
I am a picky person for video games and like to see reviews and critics' opinions on a certain game before I play it, thus avoiding getting bored and/or disappointed after spending possibly a double digit amount of hours on it and realizing that it was all a waste. Although it might sound contradictory, I like being practical in my gaming: I am aware that every minute I spend playing video games could have spent taking care of mentally challenged children, feeding old people with something that looks like vomit or helping my community otherwise so I at least want to make my sacrifice an enjoyable one.

In my own research for game reviews I stumble upon overwhelming 5-page reviews on major gaming websites, a full reading of which might take as much time as actually playing the damn game. Of course, there are youtube trailers, video reviews and gameplay videos, that some gamers prefer but they have their own disadvantages as well. Trailers are usually biased and only show the goodies, thus often leading the viewer into mistaking a shitty game for a good one (just like they do for movies). Gameplay and review videos are sometimes good enough, but I often feel that they don't give enough details to help me make a decision whether to play the game or not.

My blogs are meant to be something in between: I'll give you a good amount of details about various games in a condensed format, and I'll add some personal opinion. This will save you from either reading and watching a thousand reviews before deciding you don't want to play it or save a good amount of time playing the actual game and throwing it into the garbage, resulting in an "f my life" feeling for the rest of the day.

In other words, if you're a lazy and bored person who wants to play some quality games, and your friends keep suggesting shitty games for you to play, you're at the right place! Sure, you might still dislike a game I loved or vice-versa but... well... too bad!

What games are you planning to review soon?
Since I've have an abundance of free time lately, I have accumulated quite a few games I wish to review. In the following weeks, I will review Portal 1 and 2, Mafia 2, Dragon Age 2, League of Legends and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.


  1. Hey, nice page so far :) Can't wait for the Zelda review!

  2. Thanks :] I'm glad you like it.

  3. nice.. vasily are you russian?

  4. Can't wait to see some more sugestions. I already played Portal 1 and am playing through Portal 2 :P.

  5. Yeah I'm russian lol, not many people figure that out :p

  6. good luck with your brand new blog!!!

  7. Good to see another blogger out there keep them coming following